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Eugenie Lackran


Eugenie Lackran has 23 years of combined of Customer Service, Administrative Assistant, Officer Manager,Accounts Payable, Credit/Collections, and Accounts Receivable experience in service industry.

 She migrated to United States of America in 1970. She attended public schools in Stamford Connecticut and received the equivalent of an associate degree in Accounting from Stone School of Business New Haven, Connecticut. Mr. and Mrs. Lackran and three children live in Norwalk since 1986. 

 She had the privilege to serve as a volunteer at the Norwalk Hospital Cancer Center. The highlight of my life is volunteering 12 to 50 hours per month in Norwalk, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton and Redding helping interested individuals from the privacy of their home come to an accurate understanding of the Bible.   

 Throughout her career, she has proven the ability to work effectively with supervision, as well as independently. She Always does her best to be an effective team member and serves as an asset in helping her employers reached their goals.