Y.L.T.R.A.P.P.E.D. , INC. is a 501 (c) (3)

YLT offers young ladies the opportunity to learn how to become productive, well-rounded women who are also actively involved in their community. They will learn social, financial, home-economic, communication (public speaking), and healthy-living life skills that they can use for life. They will also receive exposure to experiences outside of the inner city that they normally may not be exposed to.


YLT Mentoring Program

One-on-one mentoring initiated by YLT’s members and YLT’s mentors who do so on a volunteer basis.

  • This program is for wayward-leaning girls that are potentially heading down the wrong path, we offer them the chance to get back on the right path through a structured curriculum. They will learn to have discipline and responsibility, in addition to fun activities.


YLT College Readiness Program

Preparing our members for their continuing education journey through SAT prep, college scholarships, and college tours.

  • In this program, they will learn that there is more to life than they may have been exposed to already; for example, they will have the chance to participate in our annual college tour to understand their post-high school options better. We will provide the students with on-going life and skills training that will help them perform better academically. The students will become stronger leaders and demonstrate great communications from the experience of peer to peer activities that will provide them with the logic and critical thinking needed for problem solving. The students will be in an environment with other students from different schools and different areas in and out of state, which diversify their people skills, and catapult their cultural experiences.
  • Academic Awareness – Raising the bar by recognizing and promoting excellence in academics
  • Special Events – College Tours, End of the Year Awards Luncheon


YLT Social and Developmental Program

Teaching our members proper etiquette, healthy eating & lifestyle habits, as well as finance and budgeting skills.

  • This program provides the young lady in your life with a variety of valuable life skills and experiences they normally may not receive in the everyday educational environment. Some of these skills and activities are:
    • Self-Awareness and High Esteem Building – Creating positive body images including makeup, skin and hair beauty tips.
    • Social and Life Skills and Activities – Girl Talks, writing workshops, sewing, and cooking.
    • Financial Literacy Skills – Budgeting and learning how financial decisions impact other decisions.
    • Healthy Living – Sessions discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how it changes your thoughts, body and soul. YLT works on improving and maintaining their body through exercise, learning healthy eating, and learning how they connect with the natural environment.


YLT Communication & Leadership

An introduction to public speaking, communication, and leadership skills.

  • Communication & Leadership – The purpose of this program is to help the young ladies develop and improve public speaking skills and to learn to become a great leader.
    • Your child will be surrounded by a positive group of other young ladies who exhibit leadership qualities and want more for themselves in life. YLT has also helped improved the line of communication between some of the young ladies and their mothers who had a strained relationship when they came into the organization.
  • Communication Skills – Being able to communicate openly and honestly with a positive attitude while respecting each others rights to voice their opinion and maintaining their individuality.
  • Leadership Empowerment Skills – Teaching young women to be accountable for their actions and taking responsibility by showing integrity and committing to their own success while empowering others to do the same.